Review: Jasmine Morris at Siren Empire

Review: Jasmine Morris at Siren Empire
December 14, 2015 foxy

The gorgeous Jasmine from Siren Empire got her paws on a preview edition of For Foxes’ Sake, and has written a review on Siren Empire, one of Australia’s newest digital publications (and a dead fine read, too).

To read the whole review, click here.

With smartphone proliferation the way it is, every teen has been educating themselves on sex but undoubtedly coming to flawed conclusions. Parents, if you’re feeling brave ask Google about dealing with a STD or a heavy period. The results are polarized between clinical advice and dramatic Reddits. The internet can be a terrible place for learning about sex. Yet the agenda of this book is refreshingly clear: get information, get facts, don’t get judgment, think for yourself. FFS has had to be explicit and unflinching acknowledging the intensity of the culture surrounding sex today but remains clear, clever and a charming read. Even reading FFS as an adult showed how much there is left to learn about sex with the thoughts “that makes sense now” and “I wish I had known that before” occurring more than once.


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